3 Year Anniversary

Mar 31, 2022

3 Year Anniversary
I’m coming up on the 3 year anniversary of @paintedpawstudio and I want to say how very much I appreciate you. I started this lil biz not really knowing much about book keeping, taxes, website management, packaging and many more functions required to bring the party to life. I just wanted to do something I was passionate about and see what would happen. Some days I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing hahah but most days I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

Most of all I’m thankful for having a partner who believes in me; the rollercoaster of self employment is a ride I don’t know I’d be able to handle without the unwavering support of my husband, Jon.
Many times in my past I’ve felt unsure of myself, and my career path. I doubt I’ll ever be 100% free from self doubt, but this seems right. I still have so much growing to do though. I strive to improve my skill and processes everyday. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a one person show- but I wouldn’t trade this for the world. And I am where I am because of you.

Thank you for following me, for sharing my name with friends, for purchasing my work, and heck PURCHASING IT MORE THAN ONCE?!!! Talk about an internal freak out, lol. You have no idea how much this all means to me. You make my heart happy and I want to thank you a million times!

I’m excited for many more years of celebrating your 4 legged bebes and hope to spread joy along the way. Endless thanks from me and my crew 🐶Oslo, 🐶Titan and 🐱Bella :)