P.Y.O.P. F.A.Q.'s

Mar 31, 2022

P.Y.O.P. F.A.Q.'s

One of the really rewarding things I get to do as a pet portrait artist is teach Paint Your Own Pet classes! P.Y.O.P. classes are guided one evening paint parties that empower you to be the artist. You simply register and send us photos ahead of time. We’ll draw a sketch onto the canvas giving you an easy to follow template; you just show up and let your creative spirit soar!

Some of the most frequently asked questions about these events are:

  • Is this kid friendly? Yes, but a particpating parent is required to be with them.

  • Can I paint multiple pets on mine? We limit it to one pet per canvas due to the time constraints of class.

  • Do I need to have painting experience? Nope! This is beginner friendly.

  • Any other questions? Drop a comment below or email us at!