Vacation Pupdate!

Mar 31, 2022

Vacation Pupdate!

I recently took a little time off to enjoy a vacation with my hubby, sister in law and her husband! Going into it I felt SO guilty. I packed my laptop, planning to work some during the evenings. Being a solopreneur, there’s no teammate to forward emails to, no P.T.O. and most importantly no one to get work done if you’re not doing it yourself.

Life feels so fast paced and competitive that taking time off makes me worry that I’ll be forgotten or get ridiculously behind.

Ultimately, I did NOT end up working much during the trip! Once I got there (Puerto Rico) it sunk in that I saved up and busted my butt all year for this incredible opportunity to unplug, and that spending much of it working would devalue it. It was an opportunity to expereince a beautiful place with people I love- surely there is time in life to allow for that and not just obsessing over work!

I hope if you have the good fortune to take a summer vacation that you enjoy it fully, too. No/less social media, emails and work… more time with the very special loved ones that make life meaningful:)