Top 5 Pet Photo Tips

Mar 31, 2022

Top 5 Pet Photo Tips

There’s often alot of hesitation over how to photograph or chose a pet photo to create a portrait from. Here are some tips that will help you get the best quality portrait possible. The better the reference photo, the better the painting results will be!

1. Get close to your pet! Photos taken from across the room or across the yard aren’t ideal because details are hard to see at that distance.

2. Be sure the photo is taken in lighting that accurately depicts the coloring of your pet's fur! Outdoor lighting is best, but bright indoor lighting can work as well!

3. Don’t stand over your pet! This angle is awkward and makes your pet look like they have distrorted proportions. Crouch down and get eye level with your pet to get the best photo!

4. Flash is not recommended. It can blow out the colors in your photo as well as add glare/redness to your pet’s eyes. 

5. If at all possible, don’t take a photo of a photo! This distorts your pet and makes it hard to see details. 

Now go get some great shots of your little nugget!